What You Can Do NOW!

Take action now, and help us keep this vital roadway open.


Volunteer Your Time

We will need people to help hand out flyers and window signs, as well as peacefully protest the closure.  If you can help to contribute in other ways, email us at: openthegreathighway@gmail.com

Contact the Media

Help us gain media attention by contacting any news organization and asking them to cover our story. Media attention is always good.



Sign the petition

Sign the petition. Share it with your friends, and LEAVE COMMENTS. These comments get emailed periodically to city officials, so your voice matters!

Open The Great Highway Petition

Share with your friends

Share our campaign with your neighbors, family and friends. Let everyone know that City Officials are trying to make this closure permanent by ramming it through city agencies, and lying about the usage/number of people using the Great Highway to justify the closure.  Just check out our Flickr account if you think there are 4000 people a day on the Great Highway!