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Bicyclists block
Great Highway
Sup. Dean Preston thinks it's "Beautiful to see"

On Tuesday, August 24, 2021, a group of bicyclists blocked the Great Highway preventing thousands of people from reaching their final destination.


Twitter posts by the bicyclists themselves prove they have zero consideration for how this impacts thousands of people.  Their entitled actions are offensive, illegal, dangerous, disruptive, and unacceptable as seen by their tweets below:


This act violated the CA vehicle traffic code and other laws however no city official has condemned this action however Supervisor Dean Preston tweeted the following:


This is an official who is a member of the California State Bar who took an oath to uphold the law. He took an oath when he was sworn in as Supervisor to uphold the law. Preston is clearly demonstrating his bias, which is against BOS policy, in a matter that will be placed before the Board of Supervisors in a few months for a vote on the future of the Great Highway. He displayed a complete lack of ethics and a clear disregard for the law and for thousands of commuters who were denied their rightful use of the road.

He should be censured by the BOS and disallowed to vote on the Great Highway decision. He should be reported to the State Bar and the SF Ethics Commission for his outrageous incitement of illegal and dangerous acts.


If you feel the Mayor, District Supervisors, the SFPD should be addressing these issues please click the button below to send a message  -- it only takes a few seconds!

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