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We are many of the over 16,000 people who have signed the petition demanding that the Great Highway be returned to its designed use; a highway that almost 20,000 drivers used every day to get themselves and their families to work, school, and everywhere else they needed to be.

We are safe streets advocates, dismayed by the hypocrisy of forcing drivers off the Great Highway, the safest route between Lincoln Way and Sloat Boulevard, and into residential neighborhoods and onto high injury networks, in contravention of San Francisco’s Vision Zero goal. 

We are environmentalists, who are appalled that almost 20,000 daily drivers spend more time behind the wheels of their cars as they detour onto routes that offer far less fuel-efficient driving conditions than on the Great Highway, at a time when climate change is an existential threat to our planet.  

We are commuters who are spending much more time traveling to and from work, leaving us less time for our families, leisure activities, and other endeavors.  

We are residents, beachgoers, and others who are concerned about the delayed emergency response times, as first responders are impeded in their ability to travel on the fastest available route, and by the closure of a major evacuation artery needed in the event of an emergency. 

We are Westside residents who have seen our once peaceful neighborhoods become thoroughfares for delivery trucks, motorcycle parades, and a huge influx of drivers. 

We are also concerned about the many other road closures in San Francisco, including the closure of John F Kennedy Drive and Martin Luther King Drive.

We are open-government proponents, frustrated by the lack of transparency and backroom influences that have driven this highway closure process.  

In short, we are you!

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