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We represent a diverse group deeply concerned about the current use of the Great Highway—a highway traditionally utilized by nearly 20,000 drivers daily for commuting to work, school, and other essential destinations.

We are safe streets advocates, troubled by the decision to divert traffic from the Great Highway—the most direct route between Lincoln Way and Sloat Boulevard—into residential areas and along high injury networks, which runs counter to San Francisco’s Vision Zero goal.

We are environmentalists, alarmed that nearly 20,000 daily drivers are now subjected to longer driving times. These detours force vehicles onto less fuel-efficient routes at a time when reducing our carbon footprint is crucial to combating climate change.

We are commuters, now spending significantly more time on the road, which cuts into our time with family, leisure activities, and other pursuits.

We are residents, beachgoers, and others worried about increased emergency response times as first responders face delays without access to the quickest routes, and the closure of a major evacuation artery during emergencies.

We are Westside residents witnessing our quiet neighborhoods transform into busy corridors for delivery trucks, motorcycle parades, and increased traffic.

We are advocates for open government, dismayed by the apparent lack of transparency and behind-the-scenes dealings that have influenced this highway closure decision.

In essence, we are you!

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